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Hi all, thank you for visiting my blog page: Happy Together. I have begun Happy Together for a place where I can write about philosophy, psychology, and human emotions. In particular I will be writing about happiness, my favorite emotion, and the pursuit thereof. I believe that the desire to be happy has been among the central aims of humanity since before we even had the intellectual ability to ascribe a name to that feeling we now know as happiness. During my discussions I will make frequent references to some of the many thousands of philosophers, thinkers and influential individuals who have discussed the concept of happiness, especially those that have had a particularly profound effect on my own pursuit of happiness. I will discuss what those ideas mean to me, how I have found them helpful, and where, if at all, I disagree. I would love it if you, my hypothetical reader, would leave some comments of your own. I believe that when we openly discuss such things, that we are given strength and courage as we realize that we, as individuals, are not alone in our pursuit of happiness, but that it is something for which all living beings aspire.  

A little bit about me: my name shall remain anonymous for now to avoid any possible conflicts of interest with work.  At the time of writing this introduction I am in my early 30’s old and live in the United States. I currently work in a sales position that brings me overall contentment and provides for a comfortable existence, though not necessarily fulfillment. What I think does bring me fulfillment however is sharing happiness with others. I am no psychologist or expert, I am just a human being making my way as best as I can through life. At times I have dealt with serious depression and anxiety, and at others I have felt on top of the world. I believe the pursuit of happiness is a lifelong journey and one that connects us to all living beings both present, past, and future. I want to share my thoughts here and hope that they can enrich your life, if for no other reason than to know that you are not alone in your often times frustrating pursuit of happiness. 

What qualifies me to write about this subject? Well, nothing, and everything. As I said before, I am not an expert in any traditional sense. I do not have any fancy degrees, at least none that lend me credibility or a heightened sense of respect with regards to subjects like psychology, or philosophy. All I have is my own collection of experiences, studies and my own sense of understanding and knowledge garnered by my alternatingly voracious and often times apathetic or nonexistent search for happiness. 

What qualifies me to speak about this subject is that I am a human being, and like every living being, a large part of my life is spent on the pursuit of happiness. All I can rely on is that which I know, read, experience or discuss, but it is precisely this that makes me qualified. On some level, we all yearn for happiness. What it means or how we find it may differ on a person to person basis, but I think that on some deep level, searching for happiness is perhaps our most common trait that transcends all boundaries of humanity. In reading my posts I will hope that you think about what I have to say and please make note of where you agree or disagree. I hope that this can be an enlightening experience for my readers, and in particular I hope that reading my posts will enhance your sense of unity with your fellow Man by realizing that though are differences are many, we share the same basic wants and desires. 

One of my favotire quotes on philosophy is from Socrates: “The unexamined life is not worth living.” This is my attempt at examining my life, and creating a life worth living. Though I intend to chiefly focus on happiness, I will at times examine darker emotions, feelings, and thoughts.  I hope that by deeply examining my own thoughts and emotions, as well as those of others, that we can come to a greater sense of compassion and understanding for ourselves as well as for each other. By beginning with the self and flowing forth outwards to others we can nurture the soul of the universe, as Paolo Coehlo called it, and create a life that Socrates, and more importantly ourselves would say is worth living. 

I hope you enjoy my posts. PLEASE feel free to leave comments. I sincerely want to hear from you. Do you have similar thoughts or experiences to myself or the authors/thinkers I reference. Do you disagree? In addition to your thoughts, please feel free to share your own opinions and experiences. Through greater interpersonal communication and interaction, we can achieve a greater understanding of happiness together. 

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