Happiness Thought for the Day: August 23, 2021

 I recently had the idea for creating a Happiness Thought for the Day that I would post in between days where I publish my normal content. The idea being to give readers more content in an effort to provoke thought and encourage happiness more frequently than I currently do. These thoughts will mirror those on my instagram (@happy_together_blog) and twitter (@happytogetherB1) which I update more frequently than I do my main blog. 

This blog page remains my primary focus but I have come to the realization that I am unable to write more than 2-4 of my normal full-length posts weekly. That said, it is no great effort to provide briefer thoughts on a daily or near daily basis. As such, I will now be sharing the majority of my twitter and instagram content here on the main blog, using the heading “Happiness Thought for the Day: Today’s Date”. 

I hope you all enjoy the additional thoughts!

Without further ado: here is today’s thought. 

“Your level of happiness is inversely related to the amount of things you let bother you.” 

I find it highly unlikely that I am the first person to ever use that phrase, although after running a search online I received 0 hits, so it is possible that yours truly may be responsible for that phrase. 

Regardless, the above thought is highly influenced by a number of ideas I have come across since beginning this blog on happiness. The stoics in particular remind us that happiness lies in our ability to be unconcerned with things outside of our control. 

Likewise our happiness will be difficult to maintain if we allow ourselves to be bothered by too much. In the era of social media and mass media that we live in, any or all of hundreds of things could bother us and throw us into a depression. This week alone we have an earthquake and a devastating storm in Haiti, there is a violent coup with hundreds of thousands trying to escape in Afghanistan, meanwhile ocean levels continue to rise threatening the life of every living man, woman and child. 

It is extremely easy to let such stories give us anxiety and depression thereby ruining our happiness. In order to remain happy, you must remain steadfast in your mind and not let such things bother you. That does not mean to be self-centered and callous towards others. It means understanding that most of these events lies outside our control. Focus on controlling your own response to such events. If you feel compelled to act: donate to charities that may help Haitians or Afghans, research what you can do to lessen your carbon footprint or that of your community. These little things are what you can do now without completely losing your mind in a feeling of helplessness. 

One last thought to leave you with: the world is changed by your example, not your opinion. Being distraught over things will only cause damage to your psyche and contribute nothing to the problem. Do what little you can and hope that others take notice. 

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