Health is a Privilege not a Grind


Stop calling your workouts “the grind”, this is a privilege. One of my greatest pet peeves is people, particularly in the fitness industry, who refer to their workouts as a grind. This type of comment is most commonly made by people throwing around weight in the gym, trying to draw attention to their work ethic or physical prowess. I get it, there are some days where the last thing we want to do is get off the couch and go subject ourselves to a challenging and strenuous workout. 

To achieve meaningful and powerful results of health in the gym does require a certain degree of discipline which often involves forcing yourself to do it even when you aren’t in the mood. Keep in mind though that health, the ability to move our bodies, and the enjoyment of activity is a privilege that many are unable to enjoy. I know that the referral of a workout as a grind is intended as a motivational tactic but I think this approach misses the mark. Rather than thinking of it as a grind that we must compel ourselves to endure, remind ourselves that health, activity, and fitness are a privilege and that there are those who would gladly give anything for the opportunity to do what the rest of us enjoy. Remind yourself that this is a privilege because fitness and health precede happiness and lead us on the road to greater fulfillment. Adopt this more positive mindset rather than think of yourself as constantly at battle with yourself or against the circumstances of your being. 

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