Don't Find Time, Make Time for your Happiness

When it comes to what is important, don’t find time, make time.

This thought builds off of yesterday’s post about time management.

I think that when it comes to time management, it is important that we have the mindset that we will make the time for what matters rather than find the time.

Finding time implies passivity and luck. Finding time is like when you walk on the beach and your foot brushes up against a sand dollar that you happen to find on the beach. It is a pure matter of luck and happenstance and could more easily have not happened. This is not how we want to approach our goals, our wellbeing, or our happiness.

Making time is active and intentional. Making time is setting out on a mission with a purpose, to do all within your power to ensure that what matters to you is prioritized.

Make time to work on your physical and mental health. Make time to connect with friends, family, and loved ones. Make time to do something that adds value to your life and to the world. Make time to be happy.

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