Happiness Thought for the Day- September 24, 2021: Happiness comes from beautiful choices

“If your choices are beautiful, so too will you be.” – Epictetus

When a person takes care of their physical health by eating nutritious food, drinking water, exercising, and abstaining from junk, the result is a visibly attractive and healthy body (not to mention a presumably healthy and joyous mind as the two are inextricably linked.)

The same is true of our soul when we make beautiful choices that align with proper morals, values, and character. The beauty of the soul is far more important than the beauty of the body, and it is his about which I believe Epictetus was speaking. 

In Oscar Wilde’s novel, The Picture of Dorian Gray, the thusly named protagonist has a magic portrait of sorts,depicting himself. His body remains youthful and beautiful despite his repeated involvement in vices, scandal, and general lewd and immoral behavior, while the portrait, his soul, becomes disgusting and decrepit. 

So it is with our own soul when we repeatedly engage in behavior not aligned with proper morals and just character. 

The person who repeatedly acts in accordance with nature, and good values, such as empathy and compassion for others, understanding, love, and respect will be beautiful in spirit. 

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