Happiness Thought for the Day – September 27, 2021: you define your own happiness

“Personal happiness lies in knowing that life is not a checklist of acquisition or qualification.” – JK Rowling

JK Rowling spoke these words to a group of presumably extremely motivated and driven young men and women at the Harvard University commencement speech in 2008.

Whether you are a bright young mind graduating from one of the world’s most prestigious universities or just an average citizen of the world, trying to make your way through life, we should heed these words.

In a culture that values talent, success, milestones, status, achievement, fame, and wealth, it is easy to obfuscate our acquisition of the aforementioned with genuine happiness.

Personal happiness does not, or at least should not come from having 7 figures in your bank account, a C title next to your name, a Ferrari in the garage, 1 million Instagram followers, or the latest fashion accessory. These things can all be taken from you and will not provide as much happiness as you think.

True, lasting, personal happiness comes from having firm morals and values, from quality relationships, from the ability to think rationally and clearly, and to see the beauty in the world that is around you. If you are able to organize your thoughts and come to this revelation, you will immediately grasp the tools necessary to change your perspective and create happiness for your life.

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