Happiness Thought for the Day – September 29, 2021: create a ripple of happiness and joy

“What we do in life echoes in eternity.” – General Maximus / Gladiator

This quote from Russel Crowe’s character in gladiator has two meanings. The first and most obvious is the notion that our decisions here  and now will have consequences that follow us into the eternal afterlife wherein we will be judged for our actions in our mortal life.

The second meaning, and maybe I’m stretching it here, is that the decisions we make will have lasting effects that last eternally here in this world. Remember the principles of Karma, that good decisions create good consequences and bad decisions create bad consequences. When we do good we put good into the world, the ripple of which may be felt for eternity.

Both interpretations are a call to those who hear it to act in the name of justice, compassion, kindness, and happiness. The former such that the doer of deeds may be rewarded and recognized in whatever sort of afterlife he or she may believe in. The latter is of greater importance still as it is not just the doer who receives a reward but that the progress of the whole of society depends that those of us alive today do good and out forth kindness and goodness into the world.

Remember to act with virtue, compassion, and happiness, as what you do in your life will echo throughout eternity for all to hear.

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