World Mental Health Day: October 10, 2021

As you  can see in the picture, today is mental health day. 

Check on your people and make sure they all know that you are a source of help, safety, comfort, and love in any situation.

We all fight battles but sadly mental health is one that many of us are afraid to admit we fight because of shame.
There is no shame. The shame is when our friends and family struggle in solitude because they are afraid of judgement from us and from society.
I’ve lost a few people to suicide over the years and for a long time it was a strongly considered option in my own life, one I am immensely glad I did not choose. It breaks my heart over those we have lost but I’m hoping that with open dialogue we can help prevent suicide and other instances of mental illness.
I would also highly recommend therapy. It has helped me change my own life for the better and a few friends who have taken my advice and gotten help have been glad they did.
For my part, please consider me an ever open option to come I for help, whether I know you in person or are merely following one another here on The internet.
Be well everyone.

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