Happiness Thought for the Day – October 11, 2021: Love what you do

Love what you do.

Read that again.

It doesn’t say to do what you love. It says do what you love.

In the perfect world, we could earn a living doing exactly what we love, or better yet, we could live in a world where we didn’t have to earn a living at all and every ounce of our labor would purely for our own amusement and the betterment of humanity.

This is not reality. Most of us must find work, often times doing something we hate or at best are apathetic towards. I wouldn’t say that I love simplifying and unifying the revenue cycle of health care companies, but this is exactly the mission of my company.

Loving what you do differs from doing what you love in that loving what you do means adopting a positive mindset towards whatever it is that you must do. Recognize that whatever you do for work, whatever you pour your efforts into, whether it be for money or not, are an offering of your time, your service, your ability, and your soul.

You may not be doing what you love but if you learn to love what you do, then the normal everyday activities that typically feel mundane suddenly become meaningful as an expression and offering of yourself towards what in some way, shape or form, equates to the betterment of humanity and the soul of the world.

Put forth your enthusiasm into whatever you do. take pride in your actions and your thoughts, and love what you do.

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