Happiness Thought for the Day: Suffering does not mean unhappiness

“All men suffer but not all are unhappy, for unhappiness is a reaction to suffering not suffering itself.” Allan Watts.

What this quote by Watts emphasizes is that happiness is a matter of attitude and perspective.

Perspective is exactly what I will be talking about in my next video post, as I believe that perspective is one of the key tenements of happiness.

Suffering is part of life, most religions and philosophies agree with this and anybody who has experienced life can point to some parts of it where they experienced suffering. It is inevitable and inescapable. Because it is inescapable, we must adopt the perspective that we are able to remain happy, even in light of suffering. For ultimately our happiness depends on our reaction to suffering.

We can maintain a happy perspective in suffering by realizing that the challenges and difficulties of life ultimately make us stronger. Watts himself would tell us that without suffering there could be no happiness, as every emotion or feeling must have an antithesis without which it cannot exist. Without good, there is no bad, without light there is no dark.

Remember that happiness is a reaction, not a choice, and that by choosing to be happy in light of suffering, you can and will live a joyous existence.

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