Thought for the Day: Choose Kindness

“Be kind. For everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”


We all know how tough our lives can be. There are some days where it feels like nothing is going right and the whole world is conspired against us. It feels like we are treading water in the midst of a great storm with wave after wave crashing over our heads trying to pull us down. Even the best of days are not without their battles.

Now consider this: every human on earth is fighting an equally challenging if not harder battle.

Let us keep this in mind and try to cut each other some slack.

Maybe that asshole who cut you off in traffic wasn’t doing it because they’re a dick, but maybe, just maybe they didn’t see you. Maybe their mind wandered to an unpleasant moment at work that day or maybe they just haven’t slept that well because they’ve been caring for a sick child. Even if they did do it on purpose, so what?

Maybe the boss who criticized your report didn’t do it because they hate you, but maybe they themselves are getting flack from their boss and they are unsure how to deal with the pressure. Maybe their frustration is doubled because their marriage is ending and it is causing them to lash out. Or maybe your report did suck or maybe the boss is actually an asshole, so what?

The point is that we are all fighting unseen battles. If we are mindful of this when dealing with others then we will have a more positive outlook on life. Let us not judge people for their worst moments. Who among us would want to be judged for our worst moments or lapses in character? I know I can be unkind or rude when angry or upset and so can anybody.

Even if we interact with someone who truly is of lesser character and prone to unkindness, our best response is kindness. Happiness for all is created when we choose kindness.

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