Happiness is a Skill

“Happiness is a choice you make and a skill you develop.”

-Naval Rakivant, CEO and Co-Founder of AngelList

For the last several weeks this blog has focused on the idea that happiness is an intentional decision and that it requires effort. We discussed the need for understanding ones core values, something you must have to serve as a moral compass guiding you to good decision making. We discussed practicing good habits that allow us to exist in a positive state of mind, body, and spirit. We also discussed that it is not a destination one reaches but a journey, and one that requires constant attention, drive, and focus.

Just like any skill, happiness requires effort. Happiness begins as a decision and it is strengthened by the decision to continue building good habits, to continue learning, to continue searching for meaning and understanding, and by continuing your work to be a good and compassionate individual. Like any other skill it becomes rusty when we do not practice.

Make the choice to be happy, refine good habits and nurture it as a skill. We develop this skill by practicing generosity and compassion to others. This can be done through random acts of kindness, charity, meditating on how to be kind, or simply smiling at a stranger. We develop our skill at happiness when we read inspirational content, learning from the lives of great men and women who spent their lives helping others and working to make the world a better place. We develop this skill when we practice self care, learn how to understand and accept ourselves, and nurture our own spirit.

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