Happiness is Knowing You Can Change

“Happiness is not the belief that we need to change but the realization that we can.”
This quote blew my mind because it was precisely the missing link that I have been wanting to communicate to people when I so often talk about progress and success on my blog about happiness.

I speak of success and growth as if they were synonymous because in many ways they are. However, it can be interpreted that in encouraging people to change there is an inherent implication that they are not worthy of happiness or not worthy of joy, or somehow flawed the way they are today.

This is not the case. Encouraging people to change is a powerful thing because it reveals to them that they are capable of changing for the better, or becoming better, and of being masters of their own lives.

Encouraging someone to succeed is not suggesting that they should be unhappy but is about inspiring them to realize their limitless potential.

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