Right to Life or the 2nd Amendment?

At times this blog must put aside helpful tactics, motivational thoughts, or inspiring stories to shed light on clear and obvious problems. The tragedy at Robb Elementary was just the latest consequence of a nation unwilling and unable, perhaps too selfish, to make the changes necessary to protect the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of freedom for all citizens. Instead putting their own selfish notions of freedom and insecurity first.

One Year of Happy Together

This post is written in gratitude for those whom have supported Happy Together over the past year since our inception.
Here we highlight some of the most critical concepts discussed thus far.

Let Dogs Remind You of the Shortness and Beauty of Life

The lives of dogs is tragically short. In this tragedy we must learn to appreciate the beauty of life in every moment, and to be happy in all things. Whether we live to be 10 or 100, life is short, and doomed to end. Make the most of it.

Happiness Thought for the Day – October 10, 2021: Remember to share empathy for others

“But for the grace of god there go I.” This quote is largely attributed to John Bradford, an English reformer who lived in the 1500s. Not being able to fully accredit the quote to him, I shall leave it blank. No matter who spoke it, or whether we happen to believe in God, a god,Continue reading “Happiness Thought for the Day – October 10, 2021: Remember to share empathy for others”

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