Thought for the Day: Happiness is a Habit

‚ÄúPeople do not decide their futures, they decide their habits and their habits decide their futures.” F.Matthias Alexander Like anything of significance, the realization of one’s ultimate happiness is a habit. Being happy begins with a choice but to reach the level of true, lasting, and meaningful happiness, requires habitual focus and effort. Making aContinue reading “Thought for the Day: Happiness is a Habit”

Happiness is a State of Doing

Think of happiness as a state of doing rather than a state of simply sitting and being happy. Being happy is not just a quality we simply choose, although the realization of happiness does depend on choice. Being happy is an action and therefore something we do, and we do this by constantly making choicesContinue reading “Happiness is a State of Doing”

Happiness Comes BEFORE Success

Summary 1. Those who are happy are more successful 2. Happy people are better at handling stress which facilitates their success 3. Happy people hardwire their brain for happiness with positive habits 4. Focusing on happiness before success means greater satisfaction 5. Prioritizing happiness before success means greater acceptance One of the greatest issues inContinue reading “Happiness Comes BEFORE Success”

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