Prepare to Die

This post is about using the inevitability of death to inspire us to proactively explore the most important parts of living and to ensure that we have prioritized those parts so that we live the most meaningful life we can imagine for ourselves.

Video Post: The importance of Exercise and Wellness to Happiness

 In this video (available on my YouTube channel) I discuss the importance of physical exercise and wellness in regards to our understanding of happiness.  One of the most common causes of unhappiness is a lack of physical health. Poor physical health manifests itself physically as we experience chronic aches and pain, higher likelihoods of various formsContinue reading “Video Post: The importance of Exercise and Wellness to Happiness”

World Mental Health Day: October 10, 2021

As you  can see in the picture, today is mental health day.  Check on your people and make sure they all know that you are a source of help, safety, comfort, and love in any situation. We all fight battles but sadly mental health is one that many of us are afraid to admit weContinue reading “World Mental Health Day: October 10, 2021”

The Importance of Deloading From Normal Life for Happiness

As those of you who follow my blog closely have noticed, (not assuming there is any such person of course but according at least to my analytics tool there are a FEW of you who do tune in that aren’t part of my immediate family or circle), this is my first post for about aContinue reading “The Importance of Deloading From Normal Life for Happiness”